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 starpeace of future

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PostSubject: starpeace of future   starpeace of future Icon_minitimeSun 9 Sep - 19:57

hmm system wont let me reply to your post Zut, says that subject is locked.

OK things i'd like to see, a sort of wish list,

A return to more warehouse types, a seperate warehouse for fuel storages, seperate storage for chems,
Advantages of this is better employment prospects in towns and an easier way to check on the reserves held by a particular supplier, which then helps u decide where to buy cos buying from a supplier gives him income and he's more likely to upgrade that product so stabalizing supply.

A fix that makes 1% quality a non sellable item, no need to expand on that everyone knows why.

allow prez to continue with his indy even when a player is producing, but rule the prez must sell at 400% once a player is in competition and prez quality must not exceed TC quality.
This would allow players to get around the monopoly some players create, I would pay more for a product just to break a monopoly.

It would be a huge advantage if mayors had a brand new zoning option, ie one that is say black, and any building in that black zone can be taxed at a new mayors rate, a way of making a player conform to mayoral requests, such as please move it lol

ok thats my wish list so far , not that its complete just a coupla ideas Smile

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PostSubject: Re: starpeace of future   starpeace of future Icon_minitimeTue 5 May - 23:01

im just here to read so dont wind me. i mean mind me.
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starpeace of future
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