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 quoi faire ?

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PostSubject: quoi faire ?   Fri 30 Nov - 1:51

salut zut

dit j'oulia savoir si on pouvait faire qqchose pour faire avancer le truc ?? j'avoue que starpeace commence a pas mal me manquer lol Crying or Very sad
comment sa ce passe au niveau des licence , quel est le probleme en fait et combien sa coute ce genre de licence ? pui avec le serveur et tt ? scratch
enfin voila si il y a qqchose a faire ...
si il faut suit meme pret a me lancer ds un super site mais si ily a po de jeu No lol

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PostSubject: Re: quoi faire ?   Fri 30 Nov - 13:00

Yes it could be good to have some news ?

Or give information to contact Pug to get this stupid liscence.
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PostSubject: Re: quoi faire ?   Mon 10 Dec - 19:13

only problem for license that's it's always elias who have this.
and it's nealy impossibl to find him.

pugg and mstar had a copy of SP but..... pugg noone can have him, mstar noone know where he's he.

so... we always try.

we try a phone number but no news.
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PostSubject: Re: quoi faire ?   Tue 11 Dec - 3:59

Just letting you know Im still out here, been keeping my eyes open every once in a while. I saw the universal thing so will go try that out. Hope to see you guys all in game again soon.
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PostSubject: Still looking for Starpeace   Tue 25 Dec - 6:26

I'm still trying to track down any of the developers of starpeace, Iroel, Cepero, etc..... still no luck, but will keep trying. Still no luck reaching Puggy either Sad

Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Hope to see you all in Starpeace in 2008.
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PostSubject: Re: quoi faire ?   

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quoi faire ?
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