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 Development - Terms

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PostSubject: Development - Terms   Development - Terms Icon_minitimeSun 2 Mar - 2:05

I have been working with Indie Development for about 5 years as a hobby, I know that some of you might know a bit about game development then others so I figured that I would start working some to get everyone on the same page and get progress going so that we can get stuff down and down fast.


Client - game/program that runs on the players computer that will talk with the server.
Server - Holds data and communicates with all the clients to keep all players on in sync.
Login Server - This server is the first of many, it will get the username and password from the client and check it against the MSSQL Database information.
Planet Server - After the user has accessed the game the login server will pass the user onto the planet server of their choice. The planet server will keep track of users, buildings, money and all the little stuff for that planet.
Live Server - A server that is online and allowing players to join.
Pre-Launch - This is about a 3 - 5 hour time before live servers go offline for updating. It is important that everything is ready before servers go offline.
Dead-Hour - This has a few names, but I like this one best. This is the time that the servers are offline for updates. Players are refreshing waiting for the game to come back online. If dead-hour last to long players will get really mad. This time is ONLY for uploading the patch in planning. No extra's should happen at this time!
Hotfix - This is a small fix to fix an issues that stops/slows/or has a chance to ruin the game for players. Like if a farm does not realize that winter has ended and does not start back up.
Development - This time is for new patches to be developed new features to be worked on.
Alpha - This is the time when new development is stopped, and bug fixes happen. This is a time that developers get to play and test the new developments.
Beta - This is the time when a few normal players are allowed to join the server and find more bugs. All bugs should be out, before going live.
Live - This is the time where patches move from beta to the live servers.

*Post other terms I missed below! I will update the list as I have time!
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Development - Terms
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